We are delighted to announce that we have been given the opportunity to improve our workplaces. Tacakiewicz sp. z o.o. Ferma Kresek sp. k. is currently implementing a project financed by European Funds as a part of a larger project by ARP S.A. – Open Innovation Network, measure 2.2. of the Smart Growth Operational Programme: Open Innovations – support for technology transfer.

The main objective of the project is to introduce Autodesk software facilitating work in the BMI systems dedicated to architects and constructors (the ACE Collection) in a professional and modern design office.

The product will be high standard architectural projects. The role of technological innovation is to introduce a set of innovative interrelated tools for architectural, construction and installation design to construct buildings, and linear and engineering structures, which in turn will allow integrating BIM and CAD processes and using the newest information technologies.

These functions are the basis for changing the quality of services. New features and forms of communication will facilitate customer service. Flat drawings with descriptions will be replaced by 3D walks, allowing the client to gain information directly from the elements they actually see. Interdisciplinary cooperation which is currently a long and inefficient process, will be substituted by detailed reports and exact references to the 3D model.

The total cost of the project is 669 400,00 zloty. EU co-financing for Sp. z o.o. Ferma Kresek Sp. k. is 190 505,00 zloty.