About Us

Tacakiewicz Ferma Kresek

N1 Tacakiewicz Ferma Kresek specialises in designing industrial facilities. We undertake ambitious challenges ranging from complex industrial facilities, through distribution centres and logistics facilities to office buildings. As for today, we have designed over 4 000 000 m² of facilities of this kind.

We also design public facilities and residential buildings.

Our team

Our team includes 55 architects, 25 installation designers, 3 project engineers and 3 environmental engineers.

Our staff is organised into nine teams including a few professionals each, who operate in Poznan, Krakow and Wrocław. The project teams are supported by a team of environmental engineers and project engineers, which enables us to work on several projects simultaneously and adjust our decisions to the constantly changing external conditions.

Where and how do we work? These questions are answered in the video.

Welcome to Tacakiewicz Ferma Kresek.

Our strengths

Aware of the constantly changing reality, we want to build an organisation whose creators will always be ready learn, support professional development of their staff and be open to their clients’ needs.

Quality of service

Tacakiewicz Ferma Kresek guarantees the highest quality of services. We do our best to meet our clients’ needs, while constantly expanding our knowledge and following the newest trends in both commercial and industrial architecture.

Modern designing tools

Our projects are carried out with the use of the newest technologies such as BIM.

Comprehensive service

We make sure that our clients feel safe with the solutions we recommend within the dynamic legal environment. Our offer includes evaluation of the development area, preparation of the architectural concept and construction plans, preparation of tender documentation and detailed design documentation, cost estimation of architectural supervision and finally commissioning of the finished building.

Integrating investment objectives

Aesthetics, however important, plays only a partial role in our work. We focus equally on using the newest project solutions, constructing safe facilities, and optimising the financial aspect of investments.

A strong team

Our strength lies not only in the size of our team, but also in our efficiency, constantly upgraded standard of work, rich experience gained while working on numerous projects and the generous exchange of this experience among our teams. Each team member brings in their skills and talents and thus contributes to the team’s growing potential.

Administrative procedures know-how

Our project teams are supported by administrative procedure assistants, who provide close supervision at each and every stage of procedures.

Working conditions

We provide our team with rich incentive schemes, well-equipped work stations and always available professional development support.

Tacakiewicz Ferma Kresek Board of Directors

Grzegorz Tacakiewicz, CEO
Monika Tacakiewicz, proxy
Magdalena Balcerkiewicz, proxy