In Grodzisko Mazowieckie works on expansion of Danfoss Poland sp. z o.o’s facility are under way. The project includes developing: a manufacturing and storage hall, a social and office building with laboratories, a technical building, a pumping station with an emergency water tank and 600 parking places.

The works are preceeding at break-neck speed. On 01.02.2021 the parking was finished, the hall, technical buildings, parts of the offices, the pumping station have been finished on 24.04.2021. That was the first part of the first phase of the project, the second part of the first phase was finished 22.06.2021.

Soon construction on the second phase will start – the project is finished and a application for a building permit has been filled. The footage will be 11 073 m² and the volume 137 500 m³. 

Supporting facilites will include:

  • an emergency pumping station,
  • an emergency water tank,
  • a reservoir,
  • a shed for palettes
  • a shed for technical gases,
  • fundaments for equipment (nitrogen tank, steamer),

The investor is Danfoss Poland Sp. z o.o.

Danfoss not only focuses on quality, but also supports local communities and general development. In the existing part of the object 800 workplaces exist with 350 more coming with the expansion.

Newly created hall will be equipped with the newest technological and energy-optimatization solution, which is necessary for fighting climate change and will provide high comfort of work to the employees.

In the project further development is predicted – on the parking infrustracture for future instalment of a electric car charger and on the roof possibilty of mounting solar panels.

Thanks to all these solutions Danfoss will have the ability to maintain current competetive position on the market, ensuring stability and business continuity of the company.

Thanks to the extenssion Danfoss Poland will become one of the largest Danfoss campuses in the world and the biggest job provider in Grodzisko Mazowieckie.