LPP – construction of the object’s commenced!

The third object designed for LPP by Tacakiewicz Ferma Kresek is already in the first phase of development. This is a distribution centered focused on storing and distributing textiles. The object has a footage of 71 542 m² and is being built in Brześć Kujawski and will provide workplaces for over 1000 people. The center will be equipped with innovative ecological and pro-worker solutions and is an example of linking aesthetics and suitable design solutions while simultaneously taking into account the building costs. TFK is carring out authorial supervision of the construction work with the project.

The building works started in January 2021.

The main contractor of the investment is the Bremer company, supervison over the works is conducted by Trebbit Polska as replacement investor, thanks to the courtesy of them we can show the first photos of the construction site.